Our International Association

INAA GROUP is an international
association of independent accounting firms whose prime purpose is to assist businesses with cross-border accounting and taxation issues. The independent accounting firms that make up the INAA GROUP are all committed to delivering the highest level of professional service.

INAA is an established international accounting association of independent firms that has been helping accountants and auditors expand their businesses worldwide for over three decades and extended its scope to law firms, advisory and other related professional services firms.

INAA is dedicated to the delivery of World-Class accountancy, audit and related professional services to our clients around the world.

INAA encourages the development of strong working relationships between firms sharing knowledge and experience.

INAA ranked 15 and as one of the top 20 international accounting firms in the International Accounting Networks and Association in 2022. (Source: The Accountancy Age)

INAA GROUP is represented by 140 members in 50 countries across Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.